What’s This

While cleaning out my phone’s camera roll, I came across this photo. I have no idea what it is nor a recollection of taking it. It is kind of cool though.

The date it was taken tells me it appeared on the phone the same day I took a photo of snow falling against a streetlight at a gas station.

It looks like some long exposure photo, but I didn’t think the iPhone could do that. And the photo was taken using the default camera app. No Gorilla cam or special Fx.

So, what do you think it is? I’d give a prize to the winner, but since I don’t know the correct answer, most creative answer gets a virtual pat on the back.


2 thoughts on “What’s This

  1. It appears to be a store sign or marquee either reflected or distorted by curved glass. Possibly shot through your windshield while holding your phone and steering at the same time. The glare is from some kind of overhead lighting.

  2. Looks like a shoulder to me. The lights could be reflections from cars going by.
    Look at the bottom about 1/3 of the way from the right. it looks like the seam from a coat. follow it up and it comes to what looks like a collar. Do you have a gray or white coat that has a seam that comes across your chest and down your arm?

    Either that or it is a spaceship landing to take you away for testing. Any lapses in time? Missing memories? Strange dreams of green, antenna wearing creatures making beep-beep noises?

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