Glimpses of iTunes Playlists: 25 Most Played – Part 1

Among the default playlists in iTunes is the redundantly named Top 25 Most Played. Want to know if you’re the person who busts out Kool & the Gang at every get together? Check your Most Played playlist.

Sadly, when I got a new Mac laptop in 2010, my iTunes transfer did not include play counts. Ratings and playlists transferred, but not the play counts, thus wiping out evidence from about 5 years of bad music choices. My Most Played list was reset, so I wanted to take a look at see what held my interest over the past year. First lesson learned: I’m incredibly unfaithful to music. The most played song has 15 listens. That’s not a lot from April 17, 2010 to today.

Sneaking in to the last two spots are two Enya songs: “If I Could Be Where You Are” at #24 and “A Moment Lost” at #25, both from the Amarantine album. I created my “sleepy time” playlist – original name – as something to stop my mind racing, pulse pounding and adrenalin flowing after fighting zombies before bed. Enya’s music counteracts the zombie mindset.

For an abrupt change of pace, #23 brings in Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dancefloor.”

The spot above a pop-y dance song goes to an at-times banal, yet effective country tune: “If I Die Young” from The Band Perry. Yes, the lyrics are a little clunky, but I like Kimberly Perry’s voice.

I’m not a big fan of 10 Things I Hate About You, but I liked most of the soundtrack. That explains the presence of Letters to Cleo’s cover of “Cruel to be Kind” (#21) and Save Ferris’ “I Know” (#20) on the playlist. Excellent car dancing songs.

Hey, look, it’s another country song. “As She’s Walking Away” by the Zac Brown Band. My interest in country music has ebbed and flowed, but last year’s trip to Charleston brought it back and it seems to be sticking. If I’m surfing the radio, I can go from the country station to hip hop to top 40 to alt/college rock in a blink of an eye. Yes, sometimes my ears do hurt.

So let’s follow the Zac Brown Band with Ray LaMontagne’s “Hold You in My Arms” at #18. If the play counts included ringtones, “Trouble” would be up here. That’s my default ring.

What else is on the list? Check back in a couple of days.


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