Glimpses of iTunes Playlists: 25 Most Played – Part 2

Picking up from where the previous post left off, the playlist of 25 Most Played songs features another hit from the Sleepy Time playlist: Queen’s “Forever. It’s an instrumental version of the band’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” off the A Kind of Magic album, which you may know as mostly the Highlander soundtrack.

At #16 is “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today.” Peter Gabriel released Scratch My Back in 2010. The idea behind the album is Gabriel covers a bunch of songs and then those covered artists cover a Gabriel tune on I’ll Scratch Yours, a future album. Some of the Gabriel covers are already out on iTunes: Lou Reed’s “Solsbury Hill,” Stephen Merritt’s “Not One of Us,” Paul Simon’s “Biko,” among others. Gabriel’s cover of this Randy Newman song looks to be one of about 40-odd different covers. I’ve got a couple of melancholy playlists to fit a rainy day or help a spiraling mood reach the bottom. They likely account for this song’s play counts.

“Glitter in the Air” is on the most played list. I wouldn’t have guessed I listened to it that much. Not much to say other than I don’t understand the need to replace letters with punctuation marks. Maybe I’ll start spelling my name T&mmy.

It’s on the list in the fourteenth spot, but I needed to search out “I Will Not Eat the Darkness” on the Internet today to remind myself what the song was. It’s an instrumental Over the Rhine song, which means it’s part of Sleepy Time, which means I’m usually too sleepy to look at the title of what’s playing and I should stop playing zombie games before going to sleep.

I hunted down an Over the Rhine album after hearing “Latter Days,” and the band turned into one of my favorites. “Latter Days” has a regular spot on many playlists. I couldn’t find an official video, but a film student used the song for a project. The video doesn’t match my interpretation of the song at all, but it’s so sad and sweet I had to share.


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