Glimpses of iTunes Playlists: 25 Most Played – Part 3

And the playlist documentation continues with a fun little ditty from O.A.R.: “Love and Memories.” It’s good for car rides, cleaning windows, picking your mood up.

As is the #11 song. Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Down at the Twist and Shout” is part of a playlist I made just to sing along to … at the top of my lungs … with the windows rolled up and no one else in the car. This is a live version with a verse in Cajun French.

More list (and some NSFW language) after the jump.

Deadwood has been off the air for almost 5 years now, and I’m still not over those HBO cocksuckers who cancelled the series. The soundtrack from the first season is good, if only for the many Swearengen soundbites. If memory serves, Lyle Lovett’s “Old Friend” was the end credit music for an episode in which Wild Bill begged Charlie Utter to let him go to hell the way he wanted. An episode or two later, Wild Bill was dead.

I think the #9 song — “Trains to Brazil” by the Guillemots — was an iTunes Discovery Download that’s also a good car dancing song. A guillemot is a seabird.

The seemingly ubiquitous (how’s that for a $3 word?) “Dog Days Are Over” is on the most played list. My love for the song is waning so I expect this to drop down or off the list by this time next year.

Fittingly, John Denver’s “Sunshine on My Shoulders” is #7. Why is this fitting? Because for a long stretch of time, my favorite song on an album was always track 7. It just happened that way. And yes, “Sunshine” is track 7 on the first disc of Denver’s Wildlife Concert CDs. This is another song that I’m surprised isn’t higher up. I listen to it a lot because every time I do I’m back sitting in the passenger seat of a pickup or SUV while my dad sings along.


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