Glimpses of iTunes Playlists: 25 Most Played – Part 4

This post wraps up cataloging the 25 Most Played playlist in my iTunes, and we’re heavy on videos (or links to videos) in this post.

Coming in at #6 is “Kick Drum Heart” by The Avett Brothers. After hearing the song on the radio a bunch of times and hearing friends rave about the album, I picked it up. You should, too.

I have a whole genius playlist based off “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys. Something about the lines “I saw the rain dirty valley/You saw Brigadoon” captured my imagination.

Sugarland’s “Shine the Light” is next. Not sure why I’ve listened to this so many times. I like the song and all, but I would have thought I’d listened to others much more often.

I’m surprised this didn’t have more plays, but “Be Mine” by David Grey comes in third right now. Every time I hear one of his songs, I remind myself to listen to him more often. He’s one of my favorite musicians.

I discovered David Ford’s “Song for the Road” on a compilation CD someone had left in the work kitchen. It’s ended up on several playlists. I do love me a melancholy love song.

And the most played song is “Dance with Me” from the Old 97s’ Blame It on Gravity. Although I came across it from the aforementioned compilation CD. I suspect “Dance with Me” is number one because it is both my go-to shower dancing song and an awesome windows-down driving song. Watch the official video on YouTube. Even more reasons for me to like the song thanks to the Battlestar Galactica reference. Yay.


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