Bracket Madness

I’m not a basketball fan so I don’t follow March Madness. I do enjoy the ripoff brackets that pop up in every fandom. io9 has a sci fi movie bracket that forces you to choose between Jurassic Park and The Road Warrior among others. First round of voting is closed (Jurassic Park moves on), but join in the fun. For the record, my money’s on The Empire Strikes Back to go all the way.

I came across a muppet bracket as well. But my favorite may be the cage match over at Suvudu between characters from science fiction and fantasy.

Suvudu takes the bracket concept and creates stories for it. Visitors to the site still vote on the outcome but only after seeing a breakdown of the characters’ strengths and weaknesses and reading a short (very short) story about the fight might go. Some of the fights are written by the actual authors who birthed the characters.

The first round is over, but it’s worth going back a couple pages at the site to read the matches. Severus Snape vs. Lestat? How can you miss that?


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