National Poetry Month Approaches

National Poetry Month starts tomorrow. Thirty days to celebrate poetry. How awesome is that?

The Academy of American Poets introduced the month-long celebration in 1996 to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the U.S. Every April since, the United States (and Canada since 1999) has put poetry front and center.

Although, let’s face it, most people don’t read a lot of poetry. And for all the high-school English teacher talk about how song lyrics are poetry, kids aren’t buying it.

So to celebrate poetry, check out some of these links. Or check back here throughout April. I’ll be posting a favorite poem of mine each day, maybe even a couple of my own pieces. The selections skew heavily to modern poetry.

Poems will go live at 9 a.m. ET, with any pithy comments I care to make showing up a couple of hours later. Or keep clicking “poetry” in the tag cloud.

The graphic at the top of the post is this year’s poster. Check out the previous posters. I like 2009’s design.

Get poetry in your inbox every day from the Academy’s official site. Featured poems are from books released this spring.

April 14 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Download something and hand it out. Stick it inside a library book or something you’re donating to charity. Make your Facebook status a pocket poem.

Venture into the world and find poetry in the wild.

Find your daily dose of poetry on your iPhone. Not an Apple fan? Follow the link for a web-based version.


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