Delicious Comment Spam

Since most spam sent my way gets caught by a filter, I find myself more amused than annoyed at the spam that makes it through. What other reaction can I have to emails that shout the secret to enhancing my penis? Especially since, Mr. Spammer, I don’t have one.

Spammers don’t restrict their pitches to email. Blog comments are a secondary target. Most of these come through as ego strokes: You’re such a great writer. I learned so much from your observations. The Internet needs more bloggers like you (and wouldn’t you like a bigger penis, too?).

I guess the goal of blog spammers is that you’re so taken by their comments you click on the user name or link they always supply. Your readers click, too, because they likely want to know who else reads your drivel.

WordPress catches almost all spam comments, but since, like most spam filters, it sometimes flags legit comments, I pop out now and then to the spam queue to see what’s there.

I found this in response to the first Stafford poem I posted for National Poetry Month:

My grandchildren love this toy. They play with it in the bathtub while they are taking a bath!!! They are 4 & 2 and even the 2 year old is getting the idea of reeling in a fish!!!

I love it. Not enough to make it public, but I love the image of kids playing with a poem in a tub. Stafford would be a good choice. So would e.e. cummings or Ogden Nash. Sylvia Plath, not as much.

I’m picturing short poems or bits of poems imprinted on those soap crayons. Your kids can be inspired to write their own poems while reading someone else’s.

Or maybe poetry anthologies printed on waterproof paper so you can soak and read without fear of dropping Keats into the bubbles.

I may be on to something here.

Edited to add this is my 200th post. Whoo hoo!


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