2011-2012 TV Season: Tuesdays

My intention was to post this on a Tuesday, but a nasty bout of poison ivy sidelined most activities. Two words: prednisone rocks!

Anyhoo, Tuesday brings four new shows to the line up in the fall and one show coming on at midseason. NBC isn’t messing with its Biggest Loser/Parenthood combo for the night, and CBS is keeping its NCIS block from 8-10.

What’s new?

ABC – Last Man Standing – 8-8:30
Full Season, Likely Return

Last Man Standing is Tim Allen’s return to sitcoms. And ABC doesn’t waste anytime in letting you know it. “Guess who’s returning home to ABC” is the first line in the trailer for the new series. The trailer also pokes fun at its competition on Fox with a couple lines about Glee. Not sure who Tim Allen is because you were too young for Home Improvement? No worries, the trailer features Allen delivering a Buzz Lightyear line. People who like ABC sitcoms will like this show. Allen’s the father of three daughters and his wife’s recently returned to a successful job. Hilarity ensues.

ABC – Man Up – 8:30-9
Makes It to Midseason, Unlikely Return

The three main characters are men who can’t seem to grow up and who yearn to be more like their fathers and grandfathers who were real men. There’s not much else to say about this one. It looks mildly amusing and Last Man Standing’s potential success will likely keep this on to at least midseason. ABC has another comedy on deck that may get the call to replace this though.

Fox – New Girl – 9-9:30
Full Season, Likely Return

Why does this show make it? It follows Glee. And Zooey Deschanel’s manic-pixie-dream-girl ties into what teen girls who watch Glee want to grow up to become. Deschanel goes through a breakup that only happens on a sitcom and finds herself sharing an apartment with three guys who only let her move in because all of her friends are models. They coach her through the breakup and all end up singing “The Time of My Life” in a restaurant. This all likely happens in the first episode. The show looks cute. If Deschanel can pull off the geeky thing without it getting annoying, this should last a couple of seasons.

CBS – Unforgettable – 10-11
Full Season, Likely Return

CBS sticks with its crime dramas. After all, why mess with a successful pattern? This one has Without a Trace’s Poppy Montgomery as a woman with perfect recall of her life. Ask her a day and she can tell you everything that happened in accurate detail. She used to be a cop and when the show starts her former partner (and lover) Nip-Tuck’s Dylan Walsh calls her for help. Of course she stick with the new job or there wouldn’t be a series. It’s not a show I’ll watch, but it fits nicely on CBS’ Tuesday schedule and should do well.

Midseason Replacement
ABC – Apartment 23 – 9:30-10
Full Season, Unlikely Return

A recurring theme in this year’s new shows is characters who are unemployed or forced to take a job they’re overqualified for and live with roommates to make ends meet. Apartment 23 is exactly that. The blonde one moves into the brunette’s apartment. The blonde one is a little naïve while the brunette is a little bitchy. They both have a heart of gold. Think of it as a female odd couple with the addition of James van Der Beek playing himself. It’ll follow Cougartown so it should last to the end of the season, but it doesn’t strike me as something that sticks around.


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