2011-2012 TV Season: Thursdays

New shows on Thursdays have a little something for everyone. People who like to laugh. People who like procedurals. People who stay up late. People who miss the 1970s.

ABC – Charlie’s Angels – 8-9
Gone After 4 Episodes

The show didn’t need to be remade. Sure, the first movie with Drew Barrymore was kind of fun. But a new series? Why? The 2011 angels weren’t recruited from the police academy. No, they’re all good girls who ended up in trouble (thief, car thief, dirty cop) and were recruited by Charlie to work for his detective agency. I don’t see the series working out.

CBS – How to Be a Gentleman – 8:30-9
Possible Full Season, Unlikely Return

I’m giving this one a possible full season because it will have the lead in from The Big Bang Theory. But I don’t see it getting a second season and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pulled at the midseason break. Too bad. It’d be nice to see Mary Lynn Rajskub in a comedy that lasts. Dave Foley’s working again. And it has Matt Dillon. It’s the premise that’s going to stretch thing after a couple of episodes: Andrew’s a manners columnist for a men’s magazine and needs to, essentially, butch it up. Enter high school chum Dillon to help out with that. I’m not sure why these two knew each other in high school; I don’t think I’m supposed to ask.

Fox – The X-Factor Results – 8-9
Full Season, Likely Return

See the write up on the competition part of the series that airs on Wednesdays. The show’s been successful in the U.K. There’s no reason to think it won’t work here. The show may contribute to a growing ennui about singing competitions, but I doubt it. Next season has The X-Factor, American Idol, The Sing-off and The Voice. America can’t get enough of crazy talent shows.

CBS – Person of Interest – 9-10
Full Season, Likely Return

Jesus and Ben Linus team up to prevent crimes before they happen based on numbers. I’m intrigued. Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel as a former government operative who gets recruited by Michael Emerson who has access to what I think are social security numbers of people who will commit violent crimes. J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are among the executive producers. This replaces CSI on CBS’ Thursday night schedule. I think it’ll catch on and run a couple of seasons. That’s a little sad since Emerson and Terry O’Quinn were trying to develop a show together, and I’d have liked to have seen that.

Fox – The Finder – 9-10
Full (1/2) Season, Possible Return

The Finder is a Bones spinoff in that Fox tested the concept and character in a Bones episodes. It’s not a regular character moving into a new show. It’s only running from midseason on, and it should make it all the way. Bones has been successful, so this should be renewed. The original cast included Saffron Burrows who’s now off the show. Fox hasn’t released information about whether her character is being recast, reconceived or dropped. But Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults are still with the show.

NBC – Whitney – 9:30-10
Makes It To Midseason, Maybe Longer

Whitney Cummings from Chelsea lately gets her own show! She and her long-time boyfriend see no need to get married. Wackiness ensues. It’s a relationship comedy with crazy friends to weigh in on the ups and downs of the relationships. It could work for the full season, but the trailer seems like things we’ve seen before. On the plus side for the new show, it closes the NBC Thursday comedy lineup. If you haven’t changed the channel by now, you probably won’t.

NBC – Prime Suspect – 10-11
Full Season, Likely Return

You may remember the PBS series with Helen Mirren. Now she’s Maria Bello and a New York City cop. It looks to be your typical procedural cop show with a tough broad as the heroine. No reason to think this won’t do well if it keeps people from switching from the aforementioned NBC comedies to CBS’ The Mentalist. Besides it’s good see Aidan Quinn in a tv show. Something about Bello rubs me the wrong way, so I may not watch the show, but I bet America will.


2 thoughts on “2011-2012 TV Season: Thursdays

  1. I think you may be underestimating “Charlie’s Angels”. The formula (crime show + hot chicks = $) still works and it’s pretty clear from the trailer they don’t intend to push the limits of the genre much. I think it will be on the air for a while. But I don’t watch a lot of TV so take that for what it’s worth.

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