CSA Adventures: I Love the Farm

Tuesday afternoons are my happy time. It’s CSA day!

It’s not just the abundance of vegetables I get to take home that makes me happy. It’s the whole farm experience.

To get there, I drive through Valley Forge National Historic Park. Maybe there’s a quicker way on the highway, but the route through the park lets me see deer and bikers, families checking out cabins, Japanese tourists checking out the memorial chapel. Work stress starts to evaporate.

At the farm, it’s a quick checkmark next to my name on the clipboard and then my friend Nicole and I head into the fields. We’re splitting a full share again this year. In addition to the big board of veggies, a smaller board lets us know what we can pick ourselves. We say hi to Wendell, one of the Camphill Village residents. See, my CSA isn’t just a place to score locally grown vegetables; it supports adults with developmental disabilities.

On the way to the fields, we say hi to Goat (who sadly has not made an appearance yet this year, although his friends have) and the sheep and donkeys. Today I was flying solo, which meant the quart-and-a-half of strawberries we could pick were all mine. Mwahahahaha.

By the time I had grabbed a bagful of berries, I wasn’t thinking about work at all. Something about eating a berry within a second or two of it being on the vine will do that to a girl, I guess.

I headed back to the barn to pick up this week’s take. Wow. It’s a lot. I’ve got plenty of salad options for the week. And I spent a good part of the night processing some of the take. Kale chips were made again (this time, they could have used a little more salt). And I used some of the mountain mint and garlic scapes in other projects.

What I don’t plan to use this week will find its way to work tomorrow for a farmers market of leftovers. Although I’m hoarding the strawberries for myself. And the kale. And the bibb lettuce. And ….


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