The M&M Disappointment Rolls On

I was more or less joking when I wrote about how M&Ms let me down by not having NHL logos for their custom candies. But now they’ve really done it.

My sister and brother-in-law host a legendary party every summer. This year, as a surprise, I wanted to get them something fun for the party. I’ve seen tons of commercials for the customized M&Ms with your text, logo or picture on them. They seemed to be the perfect thing. Or close to perfect – I doubt they would have been perfect outside in the August sun.

Designing my own M&Ms was easy. I picked out colors – bright blue and yellow because they seemed like summery, pool-type colors. I didn’t want to upload an image; I wanted text. I had up to 9 characters on each of the two lines. I barely had to think about it. “Mas Tequila!”

After selecting packaging – um, just a bag, please – and finding a special offer for a free bag, I placed my order. Or I tried to place the order. Regardless of my browser, I couldn’t get to a confirmation page. Eventually I got it and the candies should have been here in time for the party.

Except …

A couple days after receiving an email confirmation of my order, I got another email from M&Ms (the bold and highlight are theirs, not mine).

We wanted to thank you for your interest in MY M&M’s®. We are very excited to assist you in creating the perfect experience.

We would like to confirm that we have received your order, however; we have experienced a problem with the text you have requested. We support the family-nature of our brand and therefore sometimes cannot accept orders based upon the requested customization regardless of the intended meaning.  Unfortunately, while we are certain your message was submitted with the best of intentions, we must adhere to the strict guidelines posted on our website. Some reasons your text may not be usable are:

  • Offensive
  • Obscenities
  • Copyrighted-Business Name
  • Trademark Product Names
  • Celebrity Names
  • Sports Teams
  • Major Events
  • Landmarks
  • Schools/Institution Names
  • Fraternity/ Sorority Names
  • Single Letters
  • Text not available
  • Phone Numbers (Need to include a “PH” or “T” before the digits)
  • Bite me or eat me
  • Any references to drugs or drinking—“Mas Tequila!”
  • Cannot print symbols
  • Nothing to do with guns
  • Negative or derogatory

Their company, their rules. I get that. I went back to the design site though and still cannot find the “strict guidelines posted.” The sites FAQ says don’t use objectionable words or offensive images. The design steps mention nothing about guidelines.

Stupid M&Ms.


3 thoughts on “The M&M Disappointment Rolls On

  1. Bill is right, m&ms are disappointing to begin with, unless they are the only chocolate around. Get the family a bottle of booze you love and enjoy!

    1. They’re not the best quality chocolate, although they taste better when they’re slightly warm. Not from a mcirowave, I mean, more from holding them in your hand to test the slogan.

  2. In my opinion, they are a highly overrated candy as it is. Except the peanut ones which are good but if I’m going to eat that much sugar anyway I may as well have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. They’re 10X better than m&ms and with a sharp pointy object I can write whatever the heck I want on them =D

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