Another Quick Ankle Update

It’s been just about two full weeks since the fall. The bruising along the side of my foot is almost gone. Abrasions on the sprained foot and the opposite knee are healing. Strange bruises on my shoulder and legs that may or may not be related to the the fall are getting better.

The ankle itself still hurts a bit. Let’s call the pain a 2 on a 10-point scale. The pain ratchets up to a 4 or 5 if I flex the foot inward. Whatever position my foot is in when I go down stairs feels weird and I end up sort of hopping a bit to not flex the foot as much. It’s still swollen a bit around the outside ankle bone, which resembles a golf ball. Since I still have the referral to an orthopedist, I’m going to give it another week before I decide whether to have the golf ball checked out. I’ve given up the air cast and Ace bandage, but have worn sneakers all week so I don’t roll the foot and aggravate the sprain.

Oh, and the saddest pharmacy on earth is on Charlotte Street in Pottstown. The decor is from the 1950s, but not in a cool soda jerk kind of way. The device section was full of old people who could hear, pee or walk and took great delight in letting you know. The staff was overworked (the 1980s computer terminals they had didn’t help them) and surrounded by stacks of paper and ringing phones. They were very nice to the old people though. But the whole place just had a sad vibe to it. Sort of like looking into a future where Depends and compression stockings are your fashion choices.


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