Blog Award Meme

So, this blog award meme thing is going around. The Versatile Blogger Award. I have no idea how it started (Google has failed me), but it’s making the rounds in a big way. Google returned about 1.7 million hits on “versatile blogger award.”

More importantly, I received one. And I am all about getting the ribbon for participation, screw rewarding people for winning. Honey, you just to need show up. Don’t even worry about crossing the finish line.

Anyway, She Can’t Be Serious tossed me the ribbon for my time in jail. And now I’m entitled to display this shiny green box.

But bragging rights aren’t all I get. Nosireebob. Awardees need to follow rules. Although I’m not sure what would happen if I didn’t follow them. Would the awards committee swoop down and strip me of the honor in a YouTube ceremony?

Rule 1: thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog. (check)
Rule 2: Share seven things about yourself
Rule 3: Pass the award along to 15 newly discovered blogs
My codicil to rule 3: I didn’t see this in the “official” rules, but it makes sense to leave a comment on the blogs you’re awarding so they know they, too, have to follow rules. And if you’re getting this award from me, you better believe I’ll be checking back to make sure you follow them!

Sigh. In spite of having this blog, I hate sharing tidbits of info about myself. So I’m putting them at the bottom, and some of them may not be true.

15 newly discovered blogs, eh? Well, I’m cheating and including some blogs I’ve followed for a while. After all the award seems to be geared toward generating hits for people and, gosh darn it, some of the blogs I follow deserve that. And, no, I didn’t include 15.

Fierce Girl Design
It’s a Brand New Day
Inspiration in Unemployment
The Satisfied Mind
Artist Without a Muse
Find Strength in Pain
From the Hallelujah to the Hoot
The Bunny Adventures
Betty’s Bubble
Richie Benavidez
Only the Best
The Everywhereist

Okay, seven things.
(1) I just sneezed
(2) I dislike wearing shoes
(3) I am NOT addicted to Tochlight
(4) I drink what I want when I want
(5) I tend to dance around my kitchen
(6) My fingers are not coordinated enough to excel at Rock Band
(7) I just sneezed again


6 thoughts on “Blog Award Meme

  1. Congrats again! Yes, I messed up the rules. Notification was one I missed. I had to correct that post several times, because I was so tired from checking out so many blogs in one night! So know that you truly are deserving!

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