A Month of Thanks

Yesterday, a friend from college posted on Facebook that she was going to try to be thankful for something every day in November, You know, as opposed to saving it all up for November 24.

I hear what you’re saying — we should be thankful every day of the year for a multitude of things and express that loudly and openly. But let’s be honest. While most of us are thankful for something every day, someone who walked around all “thank you sun for shining” and “thank you plastic bottle for delivering my soda” would be asking for a beat down.

I’m in a favor of a quieter giving of thanks. So, in keeping with my friend’s idea, I’m shooting for a post every day in November with something I’m thankful for.

Yesterday I was thankful my sister loaned me Love That Dog, which is an awesome book adults will like even though it’s targeted at 8-12 year olds.

Today I am thankful I slept for most of the night and did not accidentally turn off the alarm instead of hitting snooze this morning.

Hey, this project isn’t going to turn into a month of tears and confessions. Expect some mundanity now and then.

What recent read are you thankful for?


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