Wagon Train to the Stars

Day 7 of the thanksgiving project (okay, a late day 7 going up on day 8). I’m thankful for Star Trek. It seems silly (and I did warn you not all of the thankful posts would be deep and meaningful), but the Star Trek series has provided me with countless hours of entertainment and thoughtful discussions.

From the original series to Enterprise, from the animated series to various comic-book incarnations (I even own the questionable X-Men-Star Trek crossover 2-part series!), the characters have entertained me, making me laugh or tear up a bit. If you don’t shed a tear when Spock dies at the end of Khan, I don’t want to know you.

In honor of the franchise, a selection of stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I also saw Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan and Ricardo Montalban, but didn’t grab pics because I didn’t want to be that chick alone on Hollywood Blvd. late at night taking photos of the sidewalk. I never found Shatner or Stewart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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