Opening Doors

A little late on day 11 – but yesterday I was thankful for opening doors, changes and opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong. Change can be scary. It’s hard to move from comfortable surroundings into the unknown. It’s possible for someone to be standing on top of a mound of fire ants while a hurricane pounds one from overhead and be reluctant to move further down the beach.

Image by Captain Kimo - Catching Up! via FlickrSure, it can look like the hurricane isn’t affecting that region and that mound may be the start of a sandcastle and not more fire ants, but can you be sure? The only way to know is to start moving. With no chance for retreat, this can be scary.

On the other hand, stepping through a door that’s been opened by your efforts or someone else’s can be liberating. Weight can lift off on your shoulders, maybe even weight you didn’t realize was there or you didn’t realize the full extent.

Image by Tawheed Manzoor via FlickrMaybe the grass is truly greener on the other side of the door. You won’t know unless you take that chance, step through.

I don’t always take advantage of open doors: the potential downsides of stepping through can be utterly paralyzing, especially if your fears convince you the door isn’t really open in the first place. I don’t do nearly enough to create chances to open doors or windows or whatever convoluted metaphor I choose to pursue here. I should do more of that.

Maybe taking a chance now and then is a good thing. After all, I’m not all that fond of fire ants and hurricanes.

And maybe this post is really just a chance to be thankful I start a new job in a couple of weeks.


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