Short and Stout

Heck yeah, catching up on 30 days of giving thanks just under the wire. Day 20 – I’m thankful for tea.

We’ll let this lovely kettle stand in to represent my love of tea. Most weekend mornings, it’s whistling away to announce the start of the tea-making process. And on winter weeknights, it whistles again.

I’ve moved from tea bags to full-on tea snobbery of using only loose teas (if they’re handpicked by capuchins in obscure countries, all the better), only to find a happy medium.

Bag teas are great at work where I can get 3 mugs out of one bag. My favorite there is Stash’s double bergamot earl grey. And, before you ask, yes, I drink it hot.

At home, I’m working through a tin of Twining’s loose earl grey and a canister of Rishi’s masala chai (thanks, Fred). Plus, the fridge currently holds a pitcher of iced tea (Lipton’s decaf black) because iced tea is good all year round.

I figure if I’m going to be addicted something, why not tea?

What’s your favorite tea? Or your go-to tea that picks up your day when you’re feeling down or calms the mind after an angry day?


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