Simmering Away

Still catching up – for day 19, let’s be thankful for soup. Homemade soup. Made from a homemade broth.

Like this lovely pot simmering on the stove about to become a vegetable broth.

Sure, it doesn’t look like much now. Just some mushrooms and carrots floating around in a murky liquid. But tomorrow night, this could be potato soup.

And you don’t see the celery, bay leaves, garlic and onion lurking under the surface. You don’t smell the tasty goodness that is my house. I expect Hansel and Gretel to show up any second to start gnawing on the cornice boards. I’m sure they’ve given up sweets after that last house-eating expedition.

Why not just use a store-bought broth? First, because I can make my own, and every now and then I like to feel like a gr’up (bonus points if you can identify that reference by episode title and guest star without cheating).

Second, my broth will taste fantastic and I didn’t add any salt to it. Have you seen the sodium counts in packaged broth? Even the low-sodium ones have high numbers. My broth just has vegetables, a little olive oil and water.

All together now … YUM.


3 thoughts on “Simmering Away

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