Reject the Norm(ie)

It’s day 21 and today I choose to be thankful that I’m a geek. This should come as no shock to the rest of you. Heck, I’ve worked in a couple of geek references during the 30 days of giving thanks project. BTW, the answer to day 19’s trivia question is Miri and Kim Darby. One of my favorite ST:TOS episodes.

Zombies and vampires are popular now, and the johnnies-come-lately to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy may think they have geek cred. They don’t have as much as they think. After all, did they make this face upon receiving the D&D box set for their 13th birthday? I think not.

Little did Penny know her gift would force her to play what amounted to a talking NPC because, as a child, I had no friends, let alone friends who knew how to calculate THACØ.

1982 was a good year for leaving my normie genes in the dust. Dark Tower showed up under the Christmas tree that year. Hours of entertainment in a box. And that’s just the set up. I managed to hang on to the game for years before having to throw it away when the board and box started to disintegrate.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can convince Penny to get me a working version for Christmas this year?


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