Spread the Thanks

Day 22 – And while I’m pretty sure day 30’s thanks is going to be the month ending, I’m still plugging away at finding 30 things for which to be thankful without descending into schmaltz or letting you inside the scary depths of my soul. I may have a blog, but that doesn’t mean the three readers I don’t know (or some of the rest of you) get to find out who I really am.

Anyway, on day 22, I’m thankful for waiters and waitresses. You should be, too. They have a pretty thankless job. Yes, they get tips and you may not in your job, but I’d be willing to bet it’s not easy to live on tips. Especially when people may tip less than 20% or tip on the discounted total for people with gift certificates. Want to get on Santa’s Nice List? Tip on what your meal would have cost before you applied a Groupon or Open Table gift certificate. Did the kitchen screw up your order and the waiter or manager took the appetizer off the bill or comped you a dessert? Include the value of the freebie when you tip. If you can’t afford to tip 20% of the full meal’s value, you can’t afford to eat at that restaurant. Simple.

Why else am I thankful for wait staff? They get involved in cool things. The Melting Pot, for example, supports St. Jude throughout the year with in-restaurant events and fundraising. I know about their activities through a good friend of mine (hi Nicole!) who speaks glowingly of the program.

So, as you plot out your Black Friday exercises as a two-legged economic animal to buy yet one more TV you don’t need, why not pop on over to The Melting Pot’s donation page and give a little? Be thankful your money is going to a good cause and not mere consumerism. Be thankful you have a couple dollars to spare every morning for a cup of coffee. Be thankful for your health and the health of your family. Be thankful St. Jude and hospitals like it exist to be there when you or someone you love doesn’t have their health.


2 thoughts on “Spread the Thanks

  1. Careful, Tammy, you’re squandering about four more things to be thankful for right there at the end! When you get to days 27-30 and have nothing left, maybe you can be thankful for friends who DON’T say “I told you so”!

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