The Heat Is On

Day 23 – Not only am I thankful for my latest food creation, but today’s a double thanks since I’m pretty sure most of you will have Glenn Frey in your ears all day long. Mwahahahaha.

And the latest food creation isn’t really mine. I found out how to put it together when I had lunch at a great Mexican place in Escondido. Along with chips and salsa came a small bowl of carrots. I was confused. Carrots? How do carrots fit into a Mexican joint? Why would someone give me a bowl of carrot pieces?

Turns out the carrots were spicy hot … and delicious. And apparently common in Mexican cuisine. I asked how they were made (and here’s where the thanksgiving part comes in – ask about food in a restaurant and you, too, could be thankful) and tried it when I returned from California. Et voila! (to completely mix cultures).

The recipe is simple. Chop up some carrots and blanch them. Quarter a white onion. Put carrot and onion pieces in a bowl with a jar of sliced jalapeños and their juices. Toss in some bay leaves. Add vinegar to cover veggies. Let sit.

I ended up using sliced jalapeños and sliced butter peppers, a large onion and an entire bunch of carrots. It all marinated overnight in a covered bowl before I tested it. Not bad – not as hot as I remembered, but I was on the right track. I partitioned my carrots along with some of the onion and peppers into jars (reusing the original pepper jars). Two days later, these carrots are muy caliente with a heat that sneaks up on you.

The hot carrots should keep for about 30 days in the refrigerator. Two jars are going to my brother-in-law and his dad who appreciate spicy things. The remaining bowl is all for me! And when they run out, I have a feeling I’ll be making more and then taking them to parties to spread the love of heat.

Tell me: Can you feel it?


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