The Real Thing

Day 24 – The official day for Americans to give thanks for what’s important in their lives.

Today I’m thankful for family and friends. For late-night conversations meandering through serious and absurd topics. For injokes and secret handshakes. For silent car rides. For picking up where we left off after time apart. For being constantly on my mind even if we don’t see each other or speak all that often.

The First Thanksgiving Jean Louis Gerome FerrisI’m thankful for those who get me. For not having to ask questions but knowing the answers. For asking questions anyway. For laughing at my stupid jokes and complimenting my talents. For believing in me even when (especially when) I don’t. For making me laugh when I need it most. For providing shiny distractions when I’m overwhelmed with reality.  For engaging in pipe dreams.

I’m thankful I can count on both hands people who would drop their lives to help me out in an emergency. People for whom I would do the same without being asked.

I’m thankful I have friends who see me as a better person than I do. Who make me want to be that person they see. To not give up trying to live up to their expectations, to not surrender.

Thank you.


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