Who Care About Raw Eggs?

Day 26: I give big thanks to batter.

Is there anything better than licking a spatula after all the cookies are on sheets and being baked? Or after the brownie or cake batter is in the pan?

Sure, it might be risky to eat batter containing raw eggs, so consider this your warning to not follow the example I set in this post. On the other hand, unless you’re going to sit down on the couch with a bowlful of batter, you’re probably okay to lick the spatula and get every last yummy glop out of the mixing bowl.

Although I won’t say no to some chocolate-chip-cookie batter, it’s not my favorite. I gotta say I’m partial to brownie batter (particularly the one from Joy of Cooking) and angel-food-cake batter.

My all-time favorite though is the batter from Kiss cookies, which other people may just call meringue cookies. That I could eat a whole bowlful of, although it’d be a race between hyperglycemia and salmonella to claim the kill.


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