In Love with Words

Day 28 and I’d like to thank words. Not all words, mind you. Just the words that I inexplicably adore because of how they sound.

True story – in a creative writing class in college, we had to make collages that represented something about ourselves. I found “succubus” or “incubus” (I forget which) in a Swamp Thing comic. The prof asked me if I knew what the word meant. I did, but I really liked the way it sounded. So, it made on the collage of things I like. Make of that what you will.

Today I came across “weltschmerz.” Noun: a feeling of melancholy and world weariness, the weariness that comes when the real world doesn’t match the utopic; romantic pessimism. It sounds awesome and somehow matches with “schadenfreude,” also a great sounding word.

Other words I like for their sound alone:

  • klaxon
  • Okefonokee, which somehow leads me to
  • Apalachicola
  • kismet
  • melodious
  • supernumerary
  • dolorous
  • minx
  • swerve
  • palladium
  • ennui
  • bassoon
  • pudding
  • azure

I probably have more, but that’s what came to the top of my head. My thoughts are often like cream floating on top of milk, I tell you.


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