Hand Me Downs

Day 29. Despite the unseasonably warm weather on the East Coast, the coming of December makes me think of curling up under cozy blankets, perchance to dream. For the penultimate thanksgiving post, I’m thankful for a quilt made by some ancestor.

I’m not sure if this came from my dad’s side of the family or my mom’s. I’m just glad I have it. Other quilts live in my linen closet and still others have been lost to the ravages of being used as beach blankets for too many years. This one survives and is used.

Despite the old-fashioned-looking bed it’s on (which was used by my grandparents), I don’t have a lot of antiques. I don’t think that’s my house style. Don’t ask me what is, but I don’t believe it includes an abundance of old things. I’ve got a rocking chair my mom was given when I was born, and a framed Goody’s print from December 1861, but I think my tastes skew more to the contemporary/modern side of things.

Whatever the case, I do like owning a quilt that was handmade by someone related to me long ago. With my penchant for imagining other lives, it’s easy to picture a great-great grandmother and her friends sitting around a quilting frame. I don’t know if it was intended as a gift for a new bride or new home. Maybe it was just one of many being made to keep out a winter chill.

I’m just glad I have it and bring it out when the year’s calendar is almost done.


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