Productive Procrastination

I have tons of things that need to be done at my house. Trees snapped during the October snow and should be chainsawed into kindling. Carpet should be shampooed. The paint-the-bedroom project should move beyond the spackling stage into perhaps the painting stage after 4 years. The basement, attic and garage should be cleaned out.

The major project list doesn’t include the seasonal cleaning of appliances and windows or even the weekly cleaning of bathroom and kitchen.

I am entirely capable of doing most of these things myself (and definitely capable of purchasing equipment, coercing friends or just plain learning how to do the rest). Yet, when the weekend rolls around, I don’t want to do a thing. I consider it a major accomplishment to do all three loads of laundry – gentle, regular and towels/sheets – over the weekend and have it all put away.

A recent weekend was no exception. Saturday got sidetracked by dinner plans, or so I told myself. And Sunday, well, Sunday is when procrastination became my friend.

I spent hours on the couch, but they were productive hours. I’m in the middle of scanning old family photos and managed to get back to December 1977 before calling it quits for the weekend. The album on which I’m currently working starts somewhere in 1977 so when the album is done, I get to go back through the files and turn file names like scan087.jpeg into something more appropriate like tammy first day school 5th grade.jpeg. Why, yes, I’m happy you asked, I will be inflicting—I mean, sharing, select photos on the blog. Look for the Dotts Look of Excitement Galley coming your way this holiday season.

While I was scanning, I burned a bunch of CDs for the car since my trusted iPhone connection proved to be untrustworthy when the wires began to fray and introduce static into all my music. The exercise also gave me an excuse to use Photo Booth. The application mocks me from the dock, promising worlds of fun but limited practicality.

I now have my favorite Christmas songs ready to go in the car for those times when I want to blast “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” at full volume and on repeat and the radio is only giving me “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” or “Feliz Navidad.”

And when I’m not in a Christmas mood, I’ve got a couple of country albums to listen to or the 4-disc set of songs during which I pretend I’m a much better singer than I am. Seriously, I have an iTunes playlist devoted to songs I can belt from within the privacy of  my car or shower. What? You don’t? I bet you don’t have a Cheesy Goodness playlist either. How do you categorize your collection of ABBA, Falco and novelty songs then?


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