Going Bonkers Pays Off

One of my favorite stores is Lush. It sells bath products, lotions, creams, all that sort of stuff. I’m a big fan of the store’s solid shampoos. I have two Honey Trap lip balms (one for the office and one for the purse) so I’m never far from one.

At some point in recent months, Lush ran a contest on their Facebook page: one of those “like us and win something.” I’d forgotten all about it until I received an email from the company’s PR firm letting me know I was one of the winners. I did a little happy dance. Little only because I no longer remembered what the prize was, but winning is always good, right?

Turns out the prize was one of each of the 15 new products Lush released at the end of the year. And not sample-size teasers, either. I got a box with full-size products. I did a bigger happy dance.

I won’t be keeping all of them. I’ve learned that the shower steam tablets – lovely as they smell – don’t work well in my tub/shower. I have no one to use a massage bar with. The dry shampoo and color of the lip tint didn’t captivate me. So these products along with a couple of other pieces that I already own or don’t see myself using will be making their way to Idaho shortly. Winning is even better when you can share with a friend!

Not going to the land of potatoes is a bar of Lust soap since the Philadelphia store gave me a small sample of it the last time I was in and I loved it. I’m saving the bubbleroons for myself, too. I like bubbles; they make me giggle in the tub.

As far as I know, Lush didn’t pick me as a winner because I have a blog. They didn’t ask me to review anything or even post about the contest. Nope, I’m a winner just because I’m me.


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