The Wonders of Spaghetti Bread

Ah, Facebook. How you have changed my life. Kept me up to date on the minutiae of others’ daily lives. Introduced me to honey badgers. Opened my mind to new food combinations, namely …

Spaghetti Bread

It’s an idea so simplistic in the beauty of delivering an American-Italian dinner in one bite. After all, how many spaghetti dinners do you have without bread or where you didn’t wish you had bread to sop up the last sauce from the plate?

After seeing a link on a friend’s page to this meal, I knew I had to give it a shot.I picked up a can (tube? canister? cardboard package? what do you call those things?) of Pillsbury’s French bread loaf, a block of mozzarella and all the fixin’s for spaghetti.

Rolling out the dough to the specified 12 x 16 rectangle was a bit of a challenge. The loaf did not want to roll. Leaving the parchment paper on the cookie sheet while rolling didn’t help. I ended up with a strange S thing that I eventually got closer to a rectangle shape by ditching the rolling pin and sort of squishing the dough here and there with my hands.

I had already mixed the spaghetti and sauce (arrabiata) together and had to remove about a third of the pasta since my rectangle was so narrow. Let’s call that third an appetizer, shall we?

Mozzarella went on top and then came the fun part of trying to cut the dough so I could weave it in an artful braid. Screw that. I made slashes in the dough and tucked it together as best I could. The goal was to hold the pasta and cheese in. Nothing more.

An egg wash on the surface with some freshly grated parmesan cheese, dried oregano and minced garlic was the last step before baking.

Luckily, the baking process puffed the dough enough that nothing leaked (too much) on the parchment paper.

So, how’d it taste? Eh. It needed something. More sauce in the loaf or maybe on top. More spices or herbs. More cheese, definitely. But it wasn’t bad.

It tasted like a mouthful of spaghetti coupled with two mouthfuls of bread. In other words, if you like carbs, this is a meal for you.

It should be a meal for many people. I had a slice and a half for dinner, which was way more than I needed. A slice made it into work today for lunch (60 seconds in the microwave and the bread’s not too tough and everything is hot). I’ve got more in the fridge to be reheated tomorrow at lunch.

If you make this for yourself, be aware it’s a commitment. You will eat spaghetti bread for the next several days. And don’t be fooled by the bread – this is not a spaghetti sandwich; you need a knife and fork. Although I guess you could make individual servings wrapped up in sections of the dough or in crescent rolls that would work for a meal on the go.

The success of spaghetti bread brings up other possibilities for pre-made dough. What else can you put in it to make a meal? I’m thinking grilled vegetables and cheese. I mean, it’s a stromboli, more or less, right? What other meals do you typically serve with bread that you could combine into one dough-encased entrée?


6 thoughts on “The Wonders of Spaghetti Bread

  1. Try using Pillsbury’s pizza dough. It is already a rectangle. although you may need to stretch/roll it out more. We use it for making pepperoni bread.

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