Calendar Choosing

Yes, I know it’s almost February. Why talk about wall calendars now? Because it occurred to me now, that’s why. And I’m sure there’s some mall kiosk near you with at least 75% off their remaining stock.

I’m very picky about my wall calendar. You’d think with a smartphone that I wouldn’t want one. Appointments and birthdays are only a slide and click away. But I’m attached to the idea of hanging something on the wall and writing down what I plan to do.

Look everybody: It's the Heddal stave church!Maybe it gives me a record of what I’ve done in the past. Somewhere in the basement are assorted wall calendars my mom saved – it’s kinda neat to have a record of the past like that.

The wall calendar also provides a glimpse of what I can look forward to. I like having that in the kitchen. And it provides another spot of color on the cream walls.

Picking out the right calendar can be tricky. It’s a given that the date spaces need to be big enough to write a birthday AND an appointment, but I don’t want a space for notes with each month.

Then there’s the calendar theme. Very rarely do people come to my house in person but when they do, what will my calendar say about me? Past calendars could have told you of my interests in Bev Doolittle, dragons, islands, national parks and state parks. Cute baby animals have not been a calendar theme. Nor has the kitchen celebrated a year of a movie or TV show. Oh wait, I think I had a ST:OS calendar in high school or in my early 20s.

Makes you want to go to the Ukraine.If a calendar stands a chance of being chosen, it must have thumbnails of all 12 months on the back cover or be unwrapped at a store so I can look at it. I’m not so interested in any month but November. In fact, I don’t want to know what image I’ll see until I turn the page. But my birthday is in November so that picture better be fantastic.

In 2011, I found Unforgettable Places online. November’s picture wasn’t out of this world, but I liked the colors. When it arrived at the house, I discovered that the extra day spaces were given over to facts about the unforgettable place. It was a good calendar year.

So much so that when a cursory spin through bookstores (in the real world and online) didn’t provide a new calendar, I checked for Unforgettable Places 2012. Guess what’s hanging in the kitchen this year?

And — BONUS — while writing this post, I found out Firefly Books will have a 2013 version. Let’s all do a little happy dance in our offices for me, okay?


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