Expectations of Failure

It’s the Friday before a three-day weekend thanks to Washington, Lincoln* and a company that gives me the day off on Monday.

English: George Washington statue by Horatio G...

Already my head is making lists of house projects, cooking projects, blog projects, photo scanning projects, education projects …. It could be a pretty packed three days with lots of checked off items come Tuesday morning.

Except … I know me.

I won’t do anything on the mental lists. I do like looking at to-do lists though with lots of items checked off: It gives me a feeling of accomplishment. So I’ve come up with a much more achievable list for the three-day weekend.

  • Play at least 20 songs in Rock Band 3, earning at least 3 stars on expert bass.
  • Do laundry
  • Stand in basement and think I really need to clean it out
  • Move gym bag from car to house; contemplate going to the gym
  • Play “Head over Feet” approximately 20 times to score 100% and/or earn the 137 points needed to get the top score among my friends – okay, one specific friend
  • Complain about the lack of snow on Sunday or complain about shoveling on Sunday
  • Renew one library book; read at least 25% of it
  • Kill zombies (hopefully only online)
  • Return two library books
  • Look up museum exhibits but do not attend any
  • Move scanner to living room but do not actually scan any photos
  • Have dinner with friends on Saturday
  • Realize the folly of shopping for brown boots this weekend
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Decline book reviews that are overdue
  • Take renegade character through 75% of Mass Effect 1
  • Move tax documents from kitchen table to library with intention of filing them someday
  • Make a lame cherry pie
  • Sit on couch

All in all, I think it’s a pretty doable list, don’t you? Heck, I may even add something like vacuum or clean the bathroom.

What’s your weekend list look like?

English: Michael Dukakis at a campaign rally i...*Apparently I shouldn’t thank Lincoln; according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, it depends on which state I’m in. But kudos to Massachusetts for making it an official holiday celebrating any president born in the state or who became governor. Sorry Michael Dukakis. Go back


9 thoughts on “Expectations of Failure

      1. We did the latter two. I’m really stuck in chapter three right now, partly because I have a number of non-fiction assignments that have jumped over my novel in priority. They’re almost done, so I’m hopeful that I can get back to business. Well, fun business.

    1. The lack of a three-day weekend earns you the pass. And this is my first Presidents Day off in about 5 years. Then comes a long long stretch of no official closings until Memorial Day. Sigh.

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