Failing at Failure?!

Cast your minds back to the halycon days of last week. Go ahead; it shouldn’t be that hard to do it. A three-day weekend loomed for some of you; others resented those of us with a three-day weekend to look forward to.

I had three days in which to accomplish trivial things. So, how’d I do?

Of the 19 items on my list, I accomplished 11 of them. For those of you with wicked math skills, that earns me a 58%. But, you know what? It was a pretty good weekend.

The first four items on the list were accomplished without a problem. In fact, I even made it to the gym on Monday morning to swim for 30 minutes. And then someone decided that the 137-point gap between our “Head over Feet” scores wasn’t enough and proceeded to get 100%.

Hatred teemed within my soul briefly before I moved on and relished the level difference between us as zombies lost body parts  (item #8 from the list). I couldn’t even relish that for very long as I found myself dying at the hands of my compatriot. Curse you, deo-bombs!

The book I wanted to renew, I realized I didn’t enjoy; it got returned along with the other two. The scanner didn’t make it out of the bedroom where it has strangely taken up residence. You know, in case I can’t sleep and feel like scanning things.

Speaking of not sleeping, the lame cherry pie was made around 11 p.m. on Sunday night and may be blogged about this week. 2011 tax paperwork was at least gathered into a neat pile on the kitchen table. I didn’t remember the dry cleaner existed.

The key to completing items may have been involving other people. Dinner on Saturday was excellent with good food and good friends.

Oh, yes, and my couch was very very comfortable.


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