A Tale of Tasty Lameness

In my post about plans for a three-day weekend, I mentioned my intentions to bake a lame cherry pie. Or to bake a cherry pie lamely. Since the pie turned out tasty. I’ll go with the latter.

Why the lame baking?

Because the pie filling came from a jar and the crust came from a box. You know, the pie dough you buy in the refrigerator section, thaw a bit and then roll on to your pie plate? No, not the rolling that involves an actual rolling pin.

Cherry Pie (Warrant song)

Before my baker friends start posting comments about how easy it is to make pie dough, save your breath: I know; I’ve heard. I’m also sure the pre-made crust does not taste as fab as your Aunt Pittypat’s pie crust (bonus points if you know who Aunt Pittypat is without resorting to Google; extra bonus points if you have an aunt nicknamed Pittypat).

Let’s face it – although most people would say homemade-from-scratch baked goods are superior, premade pie crusts or boxed cake mixes are good, too. Even though I’ve switched to a homemade brownie recipe, I won’t turn my nose up at brownies made from a box.

Anyway … my lame pie. I’m using “lame” since it wasn’t so much a matter of baking but of assembling. With a boxed cake mix, you at least get to use a mixer and add things. My pie – not so much. Although I did make a crumb topping from scratch so that counts for something in my book, even if application of said crumb topping was a little overzealous so it became more of a top crust.

The other reason for the lame baking was my inability to fall asleep one night led to the pie being finished at about 11:30 at night. I swear, I’m only an Ambien or two away from being one of those sleepwalking baker/eater people.

Bottom line is that the pie tasted good. I enjoyed it when it was still warm from the oven. I enjoyed it days later as a reward for eating a healthy salad for dinner.

More importantly, I enjoyed the bubbling, oozing, sizzling, lifelike respiration of the pie when it came out of the oven. I enjoyed it so much that I took a 10-second video to share. It’s alive! Turn up your volume to enjoy the full sizzle effect.


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