Random Pet Peeve of the Day

Pet peeves. We’ve all got them. Most of the time we manage to keep them inside where they fester and spread like some rampant infection until you find yourself atop a clock tower with a high powered rifle and scope in hand laughing manically. No? Just me? Really? Okay, then, let’s pretend that previous sentence was never written nor read.

But you’ve got a pet peeve, at least. I know that. Here’s mine for the day: Improper use of toilet seat covers.


I’ve had to choose a different stall way too many times because the germaphobe who used the stall before me left with the toilet seat cover still half on the seat.

Look, if you’re that concerned about catching a disease from a toilet seat that you’re using a thin piece of paper, why not make sure it’s flushed so the next person doesn’t have to sit on the piece of paper you just sat on?!?!?

While these Dora seat covers may be cute if you have kids, they and every other toilet seat cover are really a waste of paper.


English: High-tech toilet with automated plast...
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The Salon article is from 2000, so I repeated the PubMed search today. Not a lot of research, but contact dermatitis among kids was the main topic that popped up and it wasn’t that all that prevalent.

Bottom line seems to be unless you’re immunocompromised or have an open wound on the back of your thigh, you’re safe sitting on a public toilet. And if you have an open wound on the back of your thigh, get out of the office or the mall!

You’re welcome to disagree with me. But please, please, make sure your paper cover is gone before I walk through the door.

What’s your pet peeve of the day? And what do you wish you could say to the offenders?


One thought on “Random Pet Peeve of the Day

  1. My pet peeves are people who drive BMWs like they are battering rams down busy highways with the intention to get somewhere as fast as humanly possible and people who comment on internet stories (especially on Facebook) without reading anything more than the headline. I had one person who was completely cavalier about it when I pointed out how ridiculous she was spouting off like that. Her response was that she had taken classes in the subject so why should she have to read another article? Mine…well, since you are saying things that have nothing to do with this article maybe that’s a good enough reason.

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