Check in Any Time You Like

The experience of walking into a hotel room right after check in never gets old.

I understand that if some people travel a lot for work, hotel rooms may be nothing special; they’re just a place to sleep. Not for me. Even when I traveled regularly for work, I loved seeing what was behind the door.

Taking photos of or from hotel rooms has to be a holdover from seeing my parents do it.What bathroom toiletries are there? A hotel introduced me to a favorite shampoo I sought out and bought regularly for a while. Besides tiny bottles of lotion and conditioner are just cute.

If the room has two beds, which one is the better one? I’m convinced the beds will be different. That may just be my imagination, but I’ll test both to see which is softer or promises the best sleep experience. If I’m sharing the room with you, I may or may not subtly do this before claiming a bed for myself.

Does your hotel room come with an elephant?I always check out the room service menu. I rarely order room service, but I like seeing what the hotel has to offer. Are there local specialties? A recent Atlanta hotel offered some sort of peach dessert, which went unordered. How much does a burger go for? Is $15 really worth it? If I do order room service, I enjoy removing the metal plate cover and opening miniature bottles of ketchup and mustard. Hotels can score extra points if they provide little salt and pepper shakers as opposed to paper packets.

I enjoy loyalty/membership perks. I can’t remember what hotel it was that gave me a helium-filled balloon. I don’t know why they did. I was only there for two nights so it kind of seemed like a waste. Kimpton hotels usually make me smile with their welcome gift of a artful snack.

Not a Kimpton, but you gotta love this view.Kimpton hotels generally make me smile because there’s the chance of an animal-print robe. I don’t put it on (thanks newsmagazine shows for your exposes of germ-ridden hotel rooms), but I appreciate the notion that for a night or two I could be the type of person who wears loud animal prints, who orders glasses of champagne and who asks for the special yoga package to be sent up.

Maybe that’s why I like hotels. Not only are they a place to sleep while I adventure, but there’s something about them that allows for the possibility of being someone else.

What’s your favorite hotel story?


8 thoughts on “Check in Any Time You Like

  1. I’m a big fan of Hampton Inn, love the free breakfast, complimentary USA Today, and coffee which is actually not bad. Once stayed at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando which featured an indoor rain forest complete with live alligator feedings every day, which was…interesting.

  2. You’ll laugh at me, but I travel a lot for work and always stay at the Holiday Inn brands. Because of platinum status, I get wine/cheese trays delivered to my room when I stay at Crowne Plazas or Intercontinentals. I also love Aloft Hotels.

    1. I won’t laugh at you. I’m a fan of the Holiday Inn chain myself. I love the one at Fisherman’s Wharf. And bonus perks at hotels with more high-falutin’ properties in the chain are always appreciated.

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