Poetry Month: Science Fiction (Willard)

Science Fiction

Here, said the spirit,
is the Diamond Planet.
Shall I change you into a diamond?
No? Then let us proceed
to the Red Planet,
desert star,
rocks too young to know
lichens. There’s plenty
of room. Stay as long
as you like. You don’t like?
Then let us go forth to
the Planet of Mists,
the veiled bride,
the pleasures of losing and finding,
the refinement of symbols.
She’s all yours.

I see you looking at that blue planet.
It’s mostly water.
The land’s crowded with
creatures. You have mists
but the rain, diamonds
but the cost. You have
only one moon.
You have camels and babies and cigars
but everything grows up
or wears out.
And on clear nights
you have the stars
without having them.

– Nancy Willard, in The Bread Loaf Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry

It was tough finding works by Willard on the web, so here’s a page of criticism instead.


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