Poetry Month: And Some Were Playing Cards (Ashbery)

And Some Were Playing Cards,
     and Some Were Playing Dice

And there you have it. I can’t overpraise your response
Though I can clock it by its choked glimmer,
Like a night sound for which there is no explanation.

And I can see farther out of the situation of you and me
By the wan halo it insistently projects.
I am here. There is no such person as you,
Yet you are funny, and silly, and in your voice there are
Abrupt meanders and chambers so casual I cannot
Think of listening any longer. Deaf, you understand too much
And absolutely do not want this knowledge
Though to people on earth it looks like a circus in the sky
And the weather that depends on it is talked about for days.

– John Ashbery, from April Galleons


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