Another April Comes to a Close

It’s May. Another Poetry Month celebration on Small Pond has come to a close.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s selections. They skewed modern/contemporary this year. Maybe 2013 will see more classics throughout the list or maybe I’ll devote the entire month to the classics. Who knows?

As I did last year, the 2012 selections will make their way to the blog’s Poetry Month page. Stop by often for your poetry fix.

Later on this month, the blog returns to its scattershot approach of posts, both in terms of schedule and topics.


One thought on “Another April Comes to a Close

  1. I didn’t comment much (if at all, now that I think about it), but I enjoyed Poetry Month tremendously. As someone who appreciates poetry but somehow never manages to read any, I enjoyed having a little dose of poetry injected into my day throughout the month. Thanks!

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