2011-2012 TV Roundup

The networks have examined their balance sheets and Nielsen numbers, bemoaned piracy and Internet viewers and made decisions about which of the 40 shows they tossed at the wall will stick around for next season.

English: Animation of a T.V. set.

Short answer is 60% of shows the networks touted as the next big thing won’t be around. Some crashed and burned spectacularly early (The Playboy Club, Charlie’s Angels). Others sputtered along, managing to finish out their runs but not well enough to earn a sophomore year (Terra Nova, Awake).

Small Pond fans know the blog regularly takes a look at the new TV season and may wonder how it fared as a prognosticator. Not too good. Of the 40 shows, I was on the fence about 10 of them and couldn’t make a call. Of the remaining 30, my calls matched the networks 53% of the time. Not a great average.

Television remote control

I thought 17 shows would be canceled, compared with the 24 that died in reality. I was pretty certain Once Upon a Time, Suburgatory (whose name stil irks me) and Revenge wouldn’t make it. Oops. Once Upon a Time turned out to be ABC’s hit drama this year, despite bad CGI and an uneven plot.

On the other hand, I knew Charlie’s Angels didn’t stand a chance. And I did pick New Girl to come back.

I’ll have to see if I can increase the success rate of my predictions for the 2012-2013 season. Stay tuned.


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