IKEA Update and Power Tool Fun

After Tuesday’s desk experience, I seriously considered (a) leaving the desk chair assembly for someone else and (b) returning the swivel, wheeled chair and picking up a lawn chair for the desk instead.

Instead, I pulled on my big-girl pants and went to work.

My delight at only needing a total of 16 screws was quickly replaced by horror that the seat back was actually a compartment hiding other components. Luckily, there were only a few, and it quickly became clear how to use them.

But, cripes, this time they wanted me to use a drill. WTF? This did not bode well.

Except … drills + IKEA = awesomeness!!!

Thank you, Mr. IKEA Blobman. I don’t know whether the Allen wrench drill bit is a good idea to use for the furniture. It’s probably not – I’m guessing splintering of wood would be all to easy. But for the metal desk chair? Spectacular.

According to the instructions, the drill is optional. You could use the normal Allen wrench provided, but don’t. Trust me, don’t. The power drill saved my poor hands from more pain and power tools are fun.

Really. I enjoy trimming the azaleas, pine bushes and rhododendrons in front of our house largely because I get to use a power trimmer. Power tools make me feel like an adult.

Maybe because as a kid, you’re usually not allowed to use or be near power tools in action. Lopped off toes and such, I guess. So as an adult I have this sense of doing something that was once forbidden and has a tinge of danger. Although, to be honest, the power trimmer isn’t all that dangerous unless you’re completely incompetent.

Anyway, I’m saving the Allen wrench drill bit and, should I have a need to build a Billy bookcase in the future I may just give it a whirl.


4 thoughts on “IKEA Update and Power Tool Fun

  1. Hey, since I had nothing to do I finally read one of your blogs. This was cute since I have been in your same position. (I have 3 of the Billy bookcases.) I just might start reading your blogs!
    Aunt Kate

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