Thank You, Mother Nature

Once again, I’ve managed to avoid turning a 3-day weekend into a project weekend. Sure, I did the regular housecleaning and laundry, but larger projects were out of the question.

I have to thank Mother Nature for that.

The top project under consideration was trimming/cleaning up the front yard, specifically the bushes along the front of the house. We’ve got azaleas, rhododendrons and pine bushes before you hit the “flower garden” area, which houses 3 rosebushes year round and many daffodils in the spring. The front also is home to weeds, stray grasses and a junk tree or two.

My initial plan for the weekend was to cut down the junk trees, get out the big weeds and trim the bushes. If I were feeling ambitious, I considered weeding the flower garden.

Something though niggled the back of my mind about trimming. I double checked some garden reference tools and remembered that azaleas should only be trimmed after they bloom since they set their buds for next year’s blooms over the summer. A look at the calendar confirmed it was indeed September and the time for pruning azaleas had long passed. I used the promise of multiple red, purple and white flowers in 2013 to step away from the hedge trimmer.

The junk trees were still there and I could have trimmed the pines, but, as luck would have it, the 3-day weekend turned into a rainy, soggy mess. Nothing was getting done outside. I did a happy dance inside and took a couple of naps.

Do not judge me. Naps are awesome and if you disagree, you are kidding yourself. Go home and take a nap today. You will become a better person. I promise.

Anyway, I also sprinkled in some reading and baking throughout the weekend, as well as education on real estate and natural ingredients in Skyrim.

The yard projects can wait until the next sunny weekend … or until the proper season … or until after my next nap.


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