The Pitfalls of Adulthood

Can clutter multiply? Is it possible our house is a secret incubator for clutter embryos?

It sure seems like it. Every time I embark on a project to clean out one room or part of the basement, I feel all good about myself until I go back into that space or an adjacent space mere minutes later. Cue scary music because new clutter has set up an Occupy This House tent city!

Sigh. I’ll keep on fighting the good fight because adults do things like this.

Children, take note. At a certain age you are expected to not be a slob. TV shows like Hoarders notwithstanding – adults live in a semi-well-ordered environment.

You can have fun collection of books, action figures, salt-and-pepper shakers, what have you, but you should not die of shame if someone you care about drops over. They should be able to park in your driveway without being attacked by an overgrown pine tree.

Chances are impromptu visitors aren’t going to wander casually into your garage or basement, but perhaps you should make sure people can see the floor of these areas and you can access all parts of the areas without clambering over errant pickaxes and humidifiers. Seriously, why is a pickax in our garage?!

Adults should not have to consider how to dispose of 3 extra lawnmowers and 1 snowblower. Adults should not have to fill 5 trash cans on a weekly basis just to whittle away clutter.

Yes, being an adult can sometimes suck great big monkey balls. It’s just one of those things about life.

Sigh. I’m squaring my shoulders in preparation for this weekend’s installment of “Growing Up Blows.”


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