Checking It Twice

I love Christmas. I unabashedly love this holiday. I love the lights, the tree, the snow, the carols … all of it. And I love giving Christmas presents.

I’m human so I also like getting Christmas presents. Some years I resist the idea of a Christmas List. I may drop a few hints or answer direct questions, but I tend to resist giving specifics. Maybe I think it makes me look greedy. Maybe I don’t want to limit your gift-giving potential.

Christmas gifts.

santaFor me the ideal exchange goes like this:

You: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: I don’t know.
You: There has to be something.
Me: I can always use more sweaters or earrings.
You: Okay

It should not go like this:

You: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: I’d love a pink-and-purple fascinator trimmed with just a little gold glitter. It should be exactly 5 inches high and here’s a web site where you can buy it. Shipping is free if you order this week.

Okay, I exaggerate. I will give specific suggestions if there’s something I’ve resisted buying for myself in the hopes of unwrapping it on Christmas or a birthday. Case in point – a couple years ago I specifically asked for a cool jewelry frame because I really wanted one and I had to tell my sister where to buy it because it was only available in one place. *

This year, I’m making a Christmas List. It currently has about 15 things on it. Do I want all 15? Yes. Do I expect to get all 15? No.


I’ve listed 15 things because I want to be surprised on Christmas morning. If you’re only buying me 2 things and I give you a list with 2 things on it, where’s the fun in that for you or for me?

Nope, my list can cover a variety of gifts — from fun to practical — and covering many price points, including things like nylons to be placed inside a stocking. Get it? Nylons? Inside a stocking? I crack myself up.

This likely won’t be my only list. Let’s face it, if you give everyone in your gift-giving circle the same list, you could end up with duplicates. And some people in your GGC may be better at picking out sweaters for you while others excel at picking out books or earrings or video games. Different lists for different people. Give it a try; it works.

And if I ask you what you want for Christmas, don’t tell me nothing. Every single person in the world has something they would like to have. Maybe it’s a month’s supply of ramen or boxed mac-and-cheese (shudder). But you have something in mind. You can give me the general category – “I could go for something fun to play together” – or the specifics – “I could really use some wooden spoons.”

Heck, make me a list of things you don’t want. That’s also incredibly useful. For example, I have at least 3 winter hats and 4 pairs of gloves so I don’t want more. A cool scarf in blues or purples, however, would be appreciated.

Oh, and wooden spoons. Mine are looking a little beat up.

*Seriously, you all should go check out Murami and get yourselves one while stocking up on gifts for other people. Go back

How do you handle Christmas lists? Do you make one or more? Do you want lists from people you buy for?


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