You Have My Attention

I’ve written before about the comments that get caught in the blog’s spam filter. Nothing’s come close to spurring my imagination like the comment about bath toys.

The latest spammy comment though at least made me do some internet searching to find the source. Here’s the comment:

and 13 years after the Met began accumulating “boxloads” of that evidence but kept it unexamined in trash bags at Scotland Yard.

That’s it, the entire sentence fragment of spam. Okay, spammer, you’ve caught my attention enough to figure out your website is a place I can sell gold and silver for likely pennies on the dollar. But what did your comment mean?

Was the Metropolitan Museum in New York responsible for investigating a series of art crimes (forgeries, thefts, patrimony issues) and storing evidence in London? Did they send it across the Atlantic in boxcars packed onto freighters?

Police photograph of the murder scene of Mary ...

Or did a detective unit at the Yard come across a lot of evidence 13 years after Jack the Ripper killed Mary Kelly that would point to his identity if only someone had examined those trash bags?

So many intriguing possibilities.

Google to the rescue. Turns out the phrase was used in several Wikipedia articles about the News of the World hacking scandal.

I liked my Ripper theory better.


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