Hippity Hoppity

Christmas and Halloween tend to be the big seasons for home decorating, but Easter should be up there, too. I have a handful of egg- and bunny-related knick-knacks that (if I’m lucky) I put out a couple weeks before Easter.

This year, I added a new decoration that I made all by myself. Want to make one for yourself or someone you love or to whom you owe money? Read on!

A prison for peeps?I was inspired by a similar project I stumbled across on the Internet. I can’t remember where because the Internet is a vast morass and my memory is a small sieve.

What you needAnyway, here’s what you need to make your Prabbit* Prison.

  • A vase of whatever size you want. I chose round because it was the cheapest at Michael’s. 
  • Jelly beans (fewer than you think you need – I overbought)
  • Peeps. Rabbits will work best for this but if you want to use the original peeps, go for it. Color is up to you.
  • Fake tulips or other seasonal flower. Pick a color that contrasts with your Peeps. Check your local dollar store.
  • Wire cutters (you can try scissors, but my pair separated when I used them)

Description unavailable

I hear you asking, “Why not use real tulips?” Because, Miss Smarty Pants, real flowers require water and that would be mean to your Prabbits. Not to mention the goo your jelly beans will become. Why not just use real rabbits if you’re that dedicated to avoiding fake things? Sheesh!

I ended up buying a new vase for the project because I didn’t have anything appropriate already. You’ll want to remove any labels from the side of the vase. I also wiped mine with window cleaner because it looked pretty foggy at the store.

Assembly is super easy. Pour in some jelly beans, enough to come up the bottom third or so of the vase.

Arrange your Peeps. My vase was about 4 inches in diameter and it took 9-10 Prabbits to ring it without looking too smooshed or too loose.

The jelly beans serve to hold up your fake flowers as you arrange them. Depending on the flowers you bought, you may need to separate the stems from the bunch with the wire cutters. I pushed my leaves up toward the flowers and removed some altogether. Add as many flowers as you want. I was going for a tight bunch look so I kept shoving them in.

That’s it. You get to eat any leftover Prabbits and jelly beans. Warn people who live in your house that the candy in the decoration is not to be eaten.

After the season, the whole thing can be put away for next year in a cool place. Worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to rewash the vase in case the candy oozes coloring on to the glass and then you’ll replace the candy. If you’re worried about it, trash the candy and put away the flowers and vase to remake it the following year.

Easy peasy.

Prabbit – courtesy of my brother-in-law who pointed out they’re not rabbits, they’re Peep rabbits – hence “prabbit.”Go back


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