Belated April Fools Food

As much as I love celebrating Poetry Month on Small Pond, the daily poem posts mean that other topics are neglected and April-specific things get pushed back to late May, for example.

Like my April Fool’s cupcakes I tried on April 1.

Nothing says gut-busting laughter like a cupcake that’s not a cupcake but is really a mini-meatloaf with mashed potatoes!

Into the oven my pretties!They’re easy to make. Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and divide the loaf makings into muffin tins or cupcake liners (probably the foil, not the paper).

I used silicon cupcake molds to make it easy to remove the meatcake. Spray your tin/mold/whatever with nonstick cooking spray to help yourself out.

You’re going to want to play with cooking time. I thought the regular meatloaf time would be too long for the mini versions so I cut it back. That was a mistake unless you like rare meatloaf.

I tossed some doctored ketchup on top of the cuploafs with about 5-10 minutes left in the cooking time. Then I started making the mashed potatoes, which ended up having more milk than they should have so weren’t as stiff as I hoped for.

Also, the decorating tip I used initially for the icing bag filled with potatoes was a failure. Maybe it was tiny bits of potato that clogged it, but I resorted to just filling an icing bag (you could use a Ziploc bag if you want) and chopping the corner off to pipe the “icing” on.

The end result was okay-ish. Meatloaf could have been cooked more; potatoes could have used less dairy. The second we started to eat, the illusion had to shatter. It became a matter of dumping the meatcakes onto a plate and ending up with a hash of potato and ground beef and sauce. It was still a tasty hash though.



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