New Orleans: Some Sights

Wrapping up my New Orleans trip in another long overdue post, I wanted to bring you some highlights in a couple of posts.

You’ll notice the absence of stories about great music because we erred on the lame side and always found ourselves too tired from the day to hit Frenchman Street. Hey, that gives us a great excuse to go back and do nothing but focus on music, right?

Our unofficial mascot for the trip was Mister Apple. Somehow we passed this shop every time we went somewhere. We never went inside Mister Apple, but his smiling visage seemed to bless our travels every time we passed under him. I love you, Mister Apple.

He looks so happy

First day in the city took us through the National WWII Museum. It was built in New Orleans because that’s where the Higgins boats were developed.

So many planesOne building is devoted to nothing but planes. They hang at various heights, and you can view them from different angles thanks to a series of catwalks. If you go, don’t miss the 4-D Beyond All Boundaries. It’s narrated by Tom Hanks and features a bunch of well-known voices reading first-person accounts of the war. The 4-D effects are integrated well. And I’ll admit to tearing up a bit during the final salute. Go see the movie; you’ll see what I mean.

One of the neat things about the museum was the number of veterans stationed throughout the complex. Men who had served in the Pacific and European theaters were there to talk about their experiences; some had personal photos, artifacts, and medals with them. Given how long ago the war was, I was surprised at not only the number of living veterans but also how sharp they were. I wish we’d had more time to spend with the veterans.


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