Some of the bloggers I follow have been posting updates on efforts to reboot their lives. Despite the name, it’s not a shut-down-turn-it-on-again thing for every aspect of their lives. They’ve chosen key things to focus on where they feel they could be better.

I want to try this.

For my approach, it’s important to know that some of key areas to improve are not dismal failures in my life that need immediate attention. For some of them, I do okay or even pretty good, but I want to do better. Success criteria may be adjusted as the reboot process goes on. Hopefully for greater achievements.

Here’s what I’m focusing on:

Eat better – From somewhere in 2014 to today, I’ve lost about 30 pounds and feel healthier. But I can do a much better job. This means eating more food I prepare from scratch, reducing unhealthy snacks, trying new foods. Success criteria: cook dinner at home 4-5 times each week (I eat out or get takeout far too often); eat fruit every day; eat healthy vegetables (not starch) every day; take lunch to work 2 times a week (it’d be more but I work from home 2 days a week).

Me at my first Color Run
Me finishing my first Color Run!

Get healthier – Losing weight does not instantly increase health. It helps, but strengthening my body and improving my heart health is important, too. I’ve got high blood pressure and high cholesterol (both under control with meds) and I’d like to approach them through being healthier. Success criteria:  run – not walk – at least 75% of a 5K distance; exercise 4 times a week; maintain healthy blood pressure and other lab-metrics.

Write – This could be write more, but I haven’t written … if I’m being honest … anything for quite some time. Even Small Pond fell by the wayside. This sucks. I think of myself as a writer but I could just as easily think of myself as a unicorn trainer and it would be as realistic a statement. “Writing” in my head doesn’t count as writing. Putting words on paper or a computer file does. Success criteria: Write 2 times a week. And this is one goal that I hope to keep revising to more times a week or word counts or completing a project.

Do more things with friends – Left to my own devices, I tend to spend my leisure time in my armchair reading. I like my friends though and want to see them more often. This means leaving the house. Success criteria: get together with friends (including family members) 2 times a month

No one should see my WD-40 but close, intimate friends
No one needs to see my WD-40 except my intimate friends

Complete house projects – My house needs so much attention and my natural state is lazy. For example, I did a minor facelift to my kitchen about 12 years ago but couldn’t find replacement hinges for my cabinets. Guess what is still not finished? Yep, I’m a cabinet-door-free kinda gal. Sheesh. Other rooms need attention ranging from a complete gut to retouching paint to reclaiming the guest room from the storage closet it’s become. Success criteria: donate/trash excess stuff in the basement and guest room, get hinges for the kitchen cabinets, put curtains on the windows.

That’s what I’m looking at for my reboot. Maybe I’ve inspired you as I was inspired. Take a look at your life – what would make you happy/healthy? Get doing it!


7 thoughts on “Rebooting

  1. Hi Tammy,

    I am also in reboot mode and started with quitting my job :-).

    Have you read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”? If you have not I would recommend it as part of this journey for you. It is not the usual get organized book. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I read it and found a calmness with her suggestions.

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