Rebooting Report Card – July

I want to reboot parts of my life in the second half of the year. I figured I would have better success if I made the effort public and checked in regularly about how it was going.

So how was July? I feel it was thrown off because I’m lazy and look for convenient excuses I was in Mexico for a week and then dog/house sitting for another week.

With that caveat, I’ll give myself an overall grade of C for the month. I’m very disappointed in myself.

Sad, little stick figure Tammy
Sad, little stick figure Tammy

Let’s look at the specifics.

Eat better – I barely cooked at home. July was a month of takeout and eating out when I was home and not caring about what I ate when I was away from home. I don’t know if the banana in my at-least-one-a-day banana special drink counts as eating fruit. Thanks to a messed up regional rail and the Democratic National Convention, I worked from home a lot in July so I made lunch instead of buying it. That’s good, right. Let’s give this a C.

Get healthier – I missed my goals of purposefully working out 4x a week, but I managed an average 3.32 miles a day while in Cabo. I even went to the gym a couple of times in there. Post-vacation, I didn’t make it to the gym or a treadmill or outside to exercise. Let’s give this a generous C as well.

Write – I’ve kept up with blogging once a week but haven’t done anything else. I really need to get better at this one because coming up with an awesome opening in my head doesn’t cut it. It’s a D.

Do more things with friends – I spent a week with 5 other people with very little alone time. That counts, right? Plus I had 3 other outings in the month. I’m a friggin’ social butterfly! I’m giving this an A.

Complete house projects – I was lucky to keep up with basic house tasks. In fact, I think a load of sheets and towels has been sitting in my dryer for 2 days. This gets an F.

See, LOTS of room for improvement in my life.

It’s not part of the reboot success criteria, but I did try new things in July. Doing that makes me feel like I’m trying to grow. I ate cactus leaf and tried other new-to-me foods in Cabo. I took up a new geek hobby – miniature painting. The boyfriend and I tried a new restaurant that we’d never been to (and never need to go back to).

Still, August is going to be a better month. I can feel it!


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