Cabo: It’s Alright by Me

I finally made it to Cabo this year! After years of being invited to join my sister and brother-in-law (and assorted friends) at the tip of the Baja peninsula, I finally had the funds, vacation time, and no critical work commitments. So, come along as I reminisce about my week in Mexico. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Having a blast with my sister at Cabo Wabo.
Having a blast with my sister at Cabo Wabo.

So happy when this showed up!
So happy when this showed up!

I’m starting out with the worst part of the trip since it was really the only bad part of my vacation and how vacation started. My suitcase did not make it to Cabo when I did.

A delayed flight meant an already tight connection required running through the airport (literally running) to the next terminal. Luckily, the next flight was delayed and a family had issues that kept the gate door open. I made it just in time, as did my traveling companions. Somehow, their luggage made it on to this plane. But mine did not. All three of us had been preemptively rebooked on later flights by the airline. So maybe that explains it, but again other luggage made it on so who knows.

Bottom line is my luggage didn’t arrive at the hotel until the next day. Good thing I’d packed my bathing suit in a carryon. Next time I’ll remember to pack extra underwear too!

View from the hotel room door

Clean clothes in hand, I proceeded to enjoy all the good stuff for the trip. We were at the Hacienda del Mar. The landscaping was a welcome relief from the brown desert. I grew to like the brown mountains, but my eyes missed green. Being able to see the Sea of Cortez certainly helped.

Days were spent poolside, waiting for people to bring me banana drinks. I could live on yummy banana drinks and the hotel’s chips and salsa. The weather was hot, really hot. Frequent dips into the pool helped as did staying in the umbrella’s shade as much as possible. Of the 31 books I added on to the Kindle just for this trip, I only read 8. Methinks I had a little too ambitious of a reading list.

dieThe ocean in front of the hotel was not safe for swimming. The 10-12′ waves crashed directly on the beach. The current was strong.

We saw a woman standing on the beach get knocked down by an incoming wave and struggle to get up. In past years, people I knew had to be helped out of the water and other hotel guests have died.

Still, it was incredibly relaxing to sit with a pool at my back and the ocean in front of me, banana drink in hand.

cabo-wabo-bandWe spent most nights in Cabo San Lucas, some of those at Cabo Wabo. The bar is made for people like me. A smattering of the music kids today listen to, but a lot of classic rock and other songs I grew up with. The cover band came on nightly at 10 and we sang along to Journey and Van Halen. One night, men in their 70s insisted on dancing with my sister and me.

farallonWe treated ourselves to an excellent, fancy dinner at El Farallon, number 16 on Buzzfeed’s list of 16 once-in-a-lifetime restaurants. The restaurant is set into the cliffs. Some tables are set near the cliff’s edge and diners could get splashed by the crashing waves.

We timed our reservation for sunset. The place was beautiful. The food was amazing. The opening Champagne Terrace set the mood perfectly for the night. It may be a once-in-a-lifetime restaurant, but I want to go back.

And go back, I will. Like Sammy says: “If you go there once, you’ll be there twice.”

Sailing through the Sea of Cortez into the Pacific at Land's End
Sailing through the Sea of Cortez into the Pacific at Land’s End

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